CNN's Lemon, Cuomo to host new podcast

CNN anchors Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo are launching a new CNN podcast called "The Handoff," the network announced Tuesday.

The podcast will be posted weekly and will only be available to subscribers to CNN's Apple Podcast channel. 

The show will mimic the discussions - or handoffs - that Lemon and Cuomo have each evening between "Cuomo Primetime," and "CNN Tonight," the latter of which is hosted by Lemon.

"With no broadcast clock to hold them back, they are stepping out from behind their anchor desks to come together and ignite even more personal and hot topic conversations," the CNN announcement stated.

Neither CNN show is a ratings favorite. Since the last week of January, "Cuomo Primetime" has made the Nielsen rating company's weekly list of the top 40 highest rated cable shows only three times. "CNN Tonight" has only made the list once in that same time period.

Lemon has become known for his candid takes on the national political scene, especially during his handoffs with Cuomo. 

During an April 3 handoff, Lemon slammed CNN commentator Rick Santorum for remarks about Native American culture and also questioned Cuomo's decision to have Santorum as a guest.

Cuomo and his show have been criticized for a vacillating stance about reporting on his scandal-plagued brother, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D).