Mark Levin urges Americans to boycott ‘woke’ businesses

Conservative talk radio host Mark Levin is urging people in the United States to not buy goods and services from businesses he says have a “woke” political agenda. 

“The time to act is now,” Levin writes in his latest book, “American Marxism,” released Tuesday, according to the Washington Examiner

“Each of us must take time out of our daily lives to help save our country. We must be tactical and nimble in our responses to American Marxism,” the radio personality adds.

Conservatives often use the term “woke” to chastise progressive politicians or causes. Former President Trump used the term last month when he blasted Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Mark Milley over remarks the general made about critical race theory. 

“I said to one of the generals who was a good general — he wasn’t a woke general. Do you notice the woke generals we have?” Trump said of Milley at a recent campaign rally. “This was a real general.”

Levin said during an interview with the Examiner that it is “well past time that we confront what’s being done to this country by relatively few individuals who have control of these institutions. We need to claw our way back.”

In his new book, Levin writes about opposing certain businesses, saying, “operational elements of this movement … can be adopted by American patriots against corporations, other organizations, donors, etc., who are funding or otherwise supporting Marxist movements in our country.”

Leading conservatives have in recent months used boycotts as a means of threatening companies that disagree with them politically. Last August, Trump called for Americans to boycott Goodyear Tires after the company banned employees from wearing “Make America Great Again” attire at work. 

More recently, Republicans at the national, state and local level have called on their conservative constituents to boycott Coca-Cola after the company voiced opposition to the newly passed voting legislation in Georgia.  

Levin, who has long been a leading voice on the political right, slammed Democrats and President Biden for their policy pushes on everything from immigration to education reform to health care, alleging it is part of a vast conspiracy to control citizens’ daily lives. 

“I said enough is enough. If we are going to defeat this, we are in the abyss trying to claw our way out – we are not looking into the abyss anymore, we are in the abyss and if we are going to get out of this, we need to know exactly who we are dealing with,” he said during a recent appearance on Sean Hannity’s Fox News program. “Our institutions are under attack. Our children are now being brainwashed. This isn’t the Red Scare or McCarthyism, this is American Marxism.”

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