Newsmax issues statement in favor of vaccines after host says they’re ‘against nature’

Conservative news channel Newsmax issued a statement supportive of vaccines just days after a host on the network suggested they go “against nature.” 

“Newsmax as a network strongly supports President Biden’s efforts to widely distribute the COVID vaccine. It is important for the safety of all and especially those at high risk, such as the elderly,” a spokespersonsaid this week. “Medical professionals who have appeared on Newsmax have strongly encouraged Americans to get the vaccine.”

The host in question, Rob Schmitt, on Friday asked a university professor making an appearance on his program if some deadly diseases are “supposed to wipe out a certain amount of people.”

“You know, one thing I’ve always thought, and maybe you can guide me on this because, obviously, I’m not a doctor. But I’ve always thought about vaccines, and I always think about just nature and the way everything works. And I feel like a vaccination in a weird way is just generally kind of going against nature,” Schmitt said. 

Newsmax, in its statement, distanced itself from the premise on which Schmitt’s question was built. 

“From time to time, a guest or host may not be as supportive of these efforts. However, they do not reflect the position of Newsmax,” the company said. 

Schmitt told the professor, Peter McCullough, an associate professor in Texas A&M University’s Department of Health and Kinesiology, he has “people in my family, very close to me, who I thought should get vaccinated because when you weigh the risks.”

Federal health officials have repeatedly said each of the three vaccines being used in the U.S. to protect Americans from the coronavirus are safe and effective. All three vaccines are effective in fighting off the new delta variant of the virus, which remains a serious threat to unvaccinated people. 

President Biden has faced increased pressure to fight vaccine misinformation and hesitancy, saying last week his administration would work to reach more unvaccinated Americans, going “door to door” to help citizens receive an inoculation if necessary. 

In some states, however, Republican lawmakers have not shown support for or have fought government vaccination programs. 
In Tennessee, it was reported this week the Department of Health intends to stop holding COVID-19 vaccine events on school property and instructed staff to remove the agency logo from any documents on adolescent vaccines.
At the Conservative Political Action Conference over the weekend, a crowd cheered when a speaker talked about how some Americans have resisted getting vaccinated and Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.) decried what she called a “Fauci ouchie,” in an apparent reference to the coronavirus vaccine shot. 
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