NBC's Chuck Todd: Biden currently battling 'pretty big credibility crisis'

"Meet the Press" host Chuck Todd said President BidenJoe BidenBiden: Democrats' spending plan is 'a bigger darn deal' than Obamacare Biden says he's open to altering, eliminating filibuster to advance voting rights Biden: Comment that DOJ should prosecute those who defy subpoenas 'not appropriate' MORE is currently facing "a pretty big credibility crisis" based on how his administration has handled events in Afghanistan, on the southern border and the debate over booster shots for the coronavirus vaccine.  

"Well, look, I think he's got a pretty big credibility crisis on his hands," Todd said on NBC's "Sunday Today." "Because all of these problems, in some ways, showed up after he said something basically the exact opposite." 

Todd, who is also NBC News's political director, mentioned the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, which he noted Biden told Americans would not be "messy" and would not look like Saigon in 1976. 


On coronavirus vaccine boosters, Biden "came out and essentially indicated eight months, maybe as soon as six months ... now, we're not sure if anyone under 65 is going to get a booster shot," Todd continued. 

And on the border, where thousands of migrants are camped out in squalid conditions under a bridge in Texas, Todd said it has become "pretty clear we have a bigger problem now than we've had in years, and these policies have turned into becoming a magnet."

Taken together, the veteran political pundit and analyst argued, the crisis could create a lack of credibility at home and abroad for the president. 

As the White House works with Democrats in Congress to pass its massive spending measure through the legislative branch, Biden has a chance to "take a few breaths here a little bit," Todd concluded.

"But he's got a lot on the line here this month. That's for sure," Todd said.