Facebook spent billions on safety, security over past 5 years

Facebook spent billions on safety, security over past 5 years
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Facebook said on Tuesday that it had invested more than $13 billion on efforts to ramp up its security measures in the last five years, according to a blog post on Facebook.

The social media platform also said it now has 40,000 employees working on safety and security, a figure that has quadrupled from 10,000 employees working on the matter in 2016, according to Reuters.    

In its post, Facebook also acknowledged its past security-related shortcomings. 


"In the past, we didn’t address safety and security challenges early enough in the product development process," the company said. "Instead, we made improvements reactively in response to a specific abuse. But we have fundamentally changed that approach," the blog post said.

The post also highlighted that the platform's security measures have continued to progress with time. 

"This doesn’t mean we find and fix every problem right away. But because of this approach, together with other changes, we have made significant progress across a number of important areas, including privacy, safety and security, to name a few. Just as the world has changed a lot, so has Facebook."

This post comes after The Wall Street Journal published a series of articles that argued Facebook failed to correct "the platform’s ill effects" despite information provided by researchers.

Facebook pushed back against the claims in the series on Saturday and said the articles "contained deliberate mischaracterizations of what we are trying to do, and conferred egregiously false motives to Facebook’s leadership and employees."