ESPN's Sage Steele: Obama's identification as Black 'fascinating'

ESPN personality Sage Steele said that she finds former President ObamaBarack Hussein ObamaThe Memo: Biden, bruised by Afghanistan, faces a critical test in Ukraine Is the US capable of thinking strategically? Juan Williams: GOP infighting is a gift for Democrats MORE identifying as Black “fascinating” because he was raised by his white mother and grandmother.

During an appearance on “Uncut with Jay Cutler,” Steele told the former NFL quarterback a story about her being criticized on live TV for identifying as “biracial," saying that one of her colleagues pushed her to chose between “Black” or “white.” 

When Cutler mentioned that Obama chose to identify as Black in his census questionnaire, Steele said she found that perplexing, as Obama didn’t grow up knowing his father, who is of Kenyan descent. 


“I’m like, ‘Well, congratulations to the president. That’s his thing.’ I think that’s fascinating considering his Black dad was nowhere to be found, but his White mom and grandma raised him, but hey, you do you. I’m going to do me,” Steele said to Cutler. 

Obama, who is biracial, selected African-American as his race when he completed his census questionnaire in 2010, The Washington Post reported.

Steele, who has been employed at ESPN for about 15 years, also said she has rejected requests from aspiring female sports reporters who present themselves in what she sees as an overly sexualized manner, according to the Post. 


“So when you dress like that, I'm not saying you deserve the gross comments, but you know what you're doing when you're putting that outfit on, too,” Steele said. “Like, women are smart, so don't play coy and put it all on the guys.”

Steele made headlines last week for calling her company's COVID-19 vaccine mandate "sick" and "scary," saying she only got vaccinated so she wouldn't be removed from programming. 

Former ESPN anchor Jemele Hill called out Steele for her recent remarks made on Cutler's podcast. 

“So on top of thinking former President Obama shouldn’t identify as black because he didn’t have a relationship with his black father, Sage Steele also thinks female journalists who dress a certain way 'know what you’re doing when you’re putting that outfit on,'” Hill said in a tweet on Sunday. Clown behavior.”