Fox Weather officially launches

Fox Weather officially launches
© Photo courtesy Fox News Media

Fox News Media officially launched its streaming service Fox Weather on Monday morning. 

The service is Fox News's eighth platform and went live with its signature morning show "Fox Weather Sunrise." 

"We're so excited to welcome you all the very first time to America Weather Center," anchor Britta Merwin said to open Monday's broadcast. "So it's very exciting. We have a new home for you right here for all things weather. Here at Fox Weather, we have all the tools and the people working around the clock to keep you informed." 


The network debuted a new studio and weather center, complete with state-of-the-art storm-tracking and radar equipment as the Fox Weather team provides content for the Fox Weather app and other platforms. The streaming channel will also have an integrated website and show local, regional and national weather and live programming.   

The new streaming channel was commissioned by Suzanne Scott, Fox News Media CEO, who tapped Sharri Berg, formerly the chief operating officer of news and operations for Fox Television Stations, to serve as the first president of Fox Weather. 

"There is no one better to lead this new venture than Sharri Berg," Scott said at the time. "Sharri is an immensely talented executive with extraordinary leadership skills and a unique ability to collaborate and execute across multiple divisions.”

In a memo to employees that was shared with The Hill on Monday, Scott said the company has "worked incredibly hard over the last 10 months to launch the now third streaming service" within Fox News Media. 

"FOX Weather was built upon FOX News Channel’s newsgathering units and FOX Television Stations’ added resources with a combined 120 meteorologists for a comprehensive suite of products most notably featuring free live programming," Scott said. "The entire team has worked meticulously to develop a fresh, innovative approach to forecasting with tools like 3D radar and the 'FutureView' to super serve the loyal audience that we have cultivated over the last 25 years.”

In May, Fox announced it had hired six new executives who would join the platform’s leadership structure and has hired dozens of staffers to fill out the Fox Weather team.