LBJ library director upset over 'Selma'

The director of former President Lyndon Johnson’s library is upset over the new movie “Selma,” which he says unfairly portrays the president as an obstructionist on civil rights.


LBJ Library Director Mark Updegrove told the Associated Press that the film, widely expected to given numerous Oscar nominations, suggests Johnson was the main obstacle to blacks achieving civil rights.

In fact, Johnson and Martin Luther King, Jr. had a partnership that helped turn civil rights legislation into law.

“When racial tension is so high, it does no good to suggest that the president of the U.S. himself stood in the way of progress a half-century ago. It flies in the face of history,” Updegrove told the AP.

“Selma” is the story of the civil rights marches of 1965, when demonstrators were calling for voting rights for blacks.