Thousands gather in Mich. for marijuana legalization

Thousands gather in Mich. for marijuana legalization

Thousands of people assembled at the University of Michigan’s campus in Ann Arbor on Saturday to promote the legalization of marijuana, according to local reports.

The event, known as the Hash Bash, is in its 46th consecutive year as local politicians work to put marijuana legalization on the 2018 ballot in the Great Lake State, MLive reported.

Local politicians and previous organizers of the event appeared at this year’s rally, speaking to the crowd.


"We still have the task of freeing the weed from the police bureaucracy, the courts, the governor and all these idiots," John Sinclair, who once organized the annual event, reportedly said.

"Now that we're all residents of Trumpville, it's going to be even harder. We'll be lucky to be able to stand up in public a year from now if Trump's still there. This is not what they're looking for in the great America they're talking about."

According to CBS Detroit, multiple Michigan communities in 2014 passed legislation to decriminalize marijuana use.

One of Michigan’s state representatives, Yousef Rabhi (D), spoke at the rally about the importance of marijuana safety.

"This is all about using marijuana safely, and we also all believe in being safe in our communities," said Rabhi, according to the Detroit Free Press.

"That's why we need to work for social justice, and racial justice, as part of this movement.”

Similar events have occurred at other schools such as the University of Colorado, which saw rallies on its campus in past years on April 20, a day known for an emphasis on marijuana.

Saturday’s event in Michigan had more than 10,000 attendees, MLive reported, citing police estimates.