Eric Trump: Nepotism is ‘a beautiful thing’

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President Trump’s son Eric Trump doubled down on recent comments, indicating he believes nepotism is a “beautiful thing” days after saying it was “kind of a factor of life.”

Eric Trump, who took the reigns of the family business after the presidential election along with his brother Donald Trump Jr., said it made sense to trust family members to look after the eponymous business empire.

“You trust the people who are closest to you. Who is he going to trust most to run a company? He is going to trust somebody who he trusts implicitly,” he said in an interview with The Telegraph published on Monday.

Eric Trump said his father “knows I deeply care about the properties, our amazing teams. And he knows I’m going to do everything I can humanly possible to take care of that.”

“Is that nepotism? Absolutely. Is that also a beautiful thing? Absolutely,” he continued. “Family business is a beautiful thing. The same applies for Ivanka. Ivanka is by his side in Washington.”

Ivanka Trump was given an official White House title last month and serves as as an unpaid senior adviser with security clearance in her father’s administration.

Eric Trump said he believes family members are more likely to be honest with President Trump than someone who wants to appease him or “will say yes just because you happen to be the boss.”

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