Spicer: Military has contingency plan if North Korea attacks US

White House press secretary Sean Spicer brushed off reports Monday that Hawaiian state lawmakers want to review their contingency plans in case North Korea launched an attack on the U.S., affirming that the military has procedures in place to account for “almost every scenario.”  

“[T]here are military contingency plans for almost every scenario in numerous aspects around the world, here at home — everything from humanitarian relief to refugee crises to attacks,” Spicer said during the White House press briefing. “That is standard military procedure, to have those kind of things.” 


Spicer stressed that such contingency plans are not a new development, and noted that the military has such plans in place for major disasters and attacks.

“So, to make that in any way shape or form sound new would be a mistake. It is a standard operating procedure of the military to plan for contingencies in a number of operations, and a number of hot spots throughout the world on a regular basis. With respect to Korea in particular, that's been going on for decades,” Spicer told reporters.

Democratic Hawaiian state Rep. Matt LoPresti proposed an update to Hawaii’s contingency plan to account for a potential North Korean attack against the U.S., citing a lack of shelters and outdated plans from the 1980s.

LoPresti’s proposal comes amid mounting tensions between the U.S. and North Korea as concern grows about North Korea’s repeated ballistic missile test launches.

"At a time when we have this kind of saber-rattling and really blustering foreign policy, it does make people a little nervous," LoPresti said.

Spicer dodged questions on Monday regarding the Trump administration’s perceived threat level of the increasingly hostile North Korean state, saying the administration is aware of North Korea’s activities and is continuing to monitor them.