Berkeley students who invited Ann Coulter threaten to sue school

Berkeley students who invited Ann Coulter threaten to sue school
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The students who initially invited Ann Coulter to speak at the University of California, Berkeley, are now threatening to sue the university if the conservative pundit is not allowed to appear.

In a letter sent to the university’s attorney, the attorney representing the Berkeley College Republicans says she will file a lawsuit if Coulter is not allowed to speak on campus on Thursday, the initial date of her scheduled event, according to The Associated Press.

The school initially canceled her event over safety concerns, but quickly reversed, vowing to reschedule her speech for early May after finding a safe venue.

But Coulter and the group rejected the rescheduled date, calling it "not a suitable alternative.”


"The University’s transparently insincere offer to permit Ms. Coulter to speak during a two-hour window of time on May 2 when the students who invited her will not be in class and will instead by studying for finals, and when Ms. Coulter will no longer be in the area,” attorney Harmeet Dhillon's letter reads.

Dhillon's letter urges the university to find a venue in a central location on campus for Coulter to speak during “late afternoon or evening hours.”

"If UC Berkeley continues to insist on violating the constitutional rights of its students and our clients by marginalizing or banning Ms. Coulter’s speech, we will seek relief in federal court, including claims for injunctive relief and damages."

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