Ex-Fox News reporter Alisyn Camerota: Roger Ailes sexually harassed me

Former Fox News reporter and anchor Alisyn Camerota spoke out for the first time Sunday about being sexually harassed by the network’s former chairman Roger Ailes.

Speaking with her CNN colleague Brian Stelter on his show, "Reliable Sources," Camerota said for the first time, “Yes, Roger Ailes did sexually harass me.”

"Let me be clear, Roger Ailes was — could be charming. He could be quite charismatic. He could be uproariously funny,” Camerota explained. "He could also be a bit of a bully, and mean. And he also was often kind of grossly inappropriate with things that he would say, and I think that many of us experienced that.”

“He would talk about body parts. He would say 'Give me a spin.' He would want to be greeted with a hug.”


The “New Day” co-anchor, who moved to CNN in 2014, said she specifically recalled an incident early in her career at Fox when she was in Ailes’s office to ask about more opportunities.

"He said 'Well, I would have to work with you. I would have to work with you on that case,'” she said, recalling Ailes’ response.

"'I would have to work with you really closely, and it may require us getting to know each other better, and that might have to happen away from here, and it might have to happen at a hotel. Do you know what I'm saying?' And I said 'Yeah, I think I do know what you're saying.’”

The CNN co-anchor said she never went to the hotel with Ailes, and did not tell anyone at the time about what he said because she was "embarrassed."

She said the ousting of Ailes and, more recently, of popular Fox News host Bill O’Reilly seem to signal that the Murdoch family wants to know about the culture at the network.

"It feels as though, if I take the Murdochs at their word, they really want to know what was wrong there and what the culture was like, and I don’t know how you get there with silence.”

Ailes, who has denied all allegations, stepped down as chairman and CEO of Fox News Channel in July 2016. 

According to Politico, Ailes’s attorney Susan Estrich denied Camerota’s allegations, calling them "unsubstantiated and false allegations.” 

The company split ways with O'Reilly on Friday, in the wake of a sexual harassment scandal that the star anchor denies. A report by The New York Times earlier this month revealed that five women were paid $13 million to settle harassment claims against O'Reilly.

O’Reilly will return to the public eye on Monday independently, with the release of a new episode of his “No Spin News” podcast, according to his website.