National Front to change name after French election defeat

National Front to change name after French election defeat
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The National Front party announced plans to overhaul itself and change its name after its populist, far-right French presidential candidate, Marine Le Pen, lost Sunday's presidential election to centrist Emmanuel Macron.

“The National Front must also renew itself,” Le Pen told her supporters as projections of the election results revealed that Macron won the election with 65.5 percent of the votes to her 34.5 percent.

“I will therefore start the process of a deep transformation of our movement. ... I call upon all patriots to join us,” she continued.


National Front Vice President Florian Philippot, who strongly opposes France’s involvement in the European Union, said changing the party’s name goes hand in hand with the party’s transformation. He also said the party first considered the changes during the campaign.

“Marine Le Pen said it clearly: the National Front will change,” Philippot told Politico. “It’s going to change into a new political force which, necessarily, will not have the same name.”

The possibility of a name change was brought up earlier in the campaign but not acted on.