Prosecutors: NSA contractor may have had plans for more leaks

Prosecutors: NSA contractor may have had plans for more leaks
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Federal prosecutors on Thursday suggested that a government contractor accused of sharing National Security Agency (NSA) documents with a media outlet may have had plans to leak more classified information.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Jennifer Solari stressed Thursday in a court in Augusta, Ga., that 25-year-old Reality Leigh Winner referred to “documents” in the plural, according to NBC News.

The attorney added that federal agents were examining whether Winner may have allegedly stolen more classified information while working with the NSA.

Winner pleaded not guilty to one count of “willful retention and transmission of national defense information” during her detention hearing Thursday.

NBC reported that Winner was denied bail and that she said nothing as she was led away in shackles and an orange jumpsuit.


The prosecution also alleged that agents found two notebooks in Winner’s home following her arrest last Saturday.

“I want to burn the White House down,” prosecutors alleged she wrote in one notebook.

Prosecutors announced Monday that they had charged Winner with sharing top-secret material with a media outlet.

Court documents filed by the government did not specify which outlet received the material, but the charges were announced an hour after the website The Intercept published a top-secret NSA report.

The Intercept's reporting on Monday alleged that Russian military intelligence launched a 2016 cyberattack on a voting software company. A top Democratic senator later said Russia's election interference was "much broader" than reported.

Winner was reportedly arrested last weekend after the FBI obtained a warrant to probe her home in Georgia. The contractor worked for Pluribus International Corporation and had reportedly started work for a government agency in Georgia in February.

President Trump has repeatedly decried leaks from inside his administration, arguing they endanger national security.