Protesters interrupt Twin Cities Pride parade over police presence

Protesters interrupt Twin Cities Pride parade over police presence
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About 150 protesters stalled the Pride Parade on Sunday in downtown Minneapolis for about 20 minutes.

The protesters wanted to raise the issue of police treatment of minorities. They were also opposed to the decision to extend an invitation last-minute for police officers to take part in the parade.

The Star Tribune reported Sunday the parade was held just after a controversy had erupted over whether uniformed police officers could take part in the event.

The protesters who halted the parade shortly after it began were carrying signs with phrases including: "Black Lives Matter," "No KKKops at Pride! Make Pride Revolutionary Again!" and "Justice for Philando."


Some of the protesters were chanting: "No justice, no peace, no pride in police."

The procession resumed about 20 minutes after it was halted by protesters, according to The Star Tribune.

Organizers of the parade had originally decided not to invite unformed police officers to march in the parade. But days before the event, organizers extended the invitation and apologized.

The protest also happened just days after the Minnesota police officer who was charged with manslaughter for shooting a black man multiple times during a traffic stop last year was found not guilty by a jury.

Defense attorneys said officer Jeronimo Yanez was scared for his life when he shot Philando Castile, 32, seconds after Castile informed the officer he was armed with a gun permit.

Castile's death stirred controversy after his girlfriend live streamed the immediate aftermath of the shooting on Facebook, starting the stream seconds after Castile was shot by the officer.