New Hampshire links deceptive marketing to opioid crisis in suit against drugmaker

New Hampshire links deceptive marketing to opioid crisis in suit against drugmaker
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New Hampshire's attorney general's office on Tuesday sued drug manufacturer Purdue Pharma over its marketing of OxyContin.

The state alleged the manufacturer was deceptive about the drug's risks and benefits, fueling the state's opioid epidemic.

“To defeat the epidemic, we must stop creating new users, and part of that is making sure these highly addictive and dangerous drugs are marketed truthfully and without deception and in such a way as not to minimize addiction risks or overstate benefits to patients,” said Deputy Attorney General Ann Rice, according to The Associated Press.


A spokesman for Purdue Pharma said OxyContin "accounts for less than 2% of the opioid analgesic prescription market nationally."

"But we are an industry leader in the development of abuse-deterrent technology, advocating for the use of prescription drug monitoring programs and supporting access to Naloxone — all important components for combating the opioid crisis,” Robert Josephson said.

Other states have also sued prescription opioid manufacturers over their marketing practices.

President Trump on Tuesday promised an intense effort to take on the nation's opioid crisis.

He said he would work with "drug dealers that poison our communities” both inside and outside the country ahead of a private briefing with advisers and administration officials on the crisis.  

“We're being very, very strong on our southern border — and I would say the likes of which this country certainly has never seen that kind of strength,” Trump said, according to a White House pool report of his remarks.

During a heated phone call in January with the Mexican president, Trump called New Hampshire a “drug-infested den," according to a transcript obtained by The Washington Post.

New Hampshire lawmakers have since pushed back against that characterization.