Rather: Trump runs the risk of seeming 'irrelevant'

President Trump runs the risk of "seeming irrelevant," Dan Rather said Wednesday, addressing the president's recent trip to Texas in the wake of Hurricane Harvey.

During an interview on MSNBC, Rather said what people have seen out of Houston have been examples of "duty, honor, bravery." 

"When President Trump came, the question is whether he could pick up on that, communicate that in some way," Rather said.

Rather said he's not there to judge whether Trump did or did not do that.


"But I think there's a very serious case to be made that although the president went, I give him credit for that, didn't make any big mistakes," the former longtime "CBS Evening News" anchor said.

"But he sort of came and went and — he ran the risk of seeming irrelevant."

Rather said that is part of the problem he is having with his presidency.

"Whether he is all show and no go," Rather said, adding that Trump "can't deliver."

Trump visited Texas earlier this week amid ongoing recovery efforts in the aftermath of Harvey.

During his visit, Trump paid tribute to those working on relief efforts and said it was too early to congratulate anyone.

He is expected to make another trip to Texas on Saturday to visit other parts of the state still reeling from the storm.

The storm brought devastating floods to Texas and has displaced thousands of people. The number of storm-related deaths has continued to rise, climbing above 30 as of Thursday morning.