Stephen Colbert: Trump has a ‘feeble f---ing anemic firefly of a soul’

Stephen Colbert went after President Trump late Wednesday, saying he has a "feeble, f---ing anemic firefly of a soul."

During an appearance on stage at Michael Moore's one-man Broadway play, "The Terms of My Surrender," Colbert was asked how he carries on, The New York Times reported.

"Your ability to use satire and humor to say the emperor has no clothes is profound every single night," Moore said.

"Trump keeps summoning monsters of abstraction - things that aren't real - they're extensions of the ordinary, fears that you have that he plays on," Colbert said in response, the Times reported.

"He wants to brush people into a corner where he can shine his feeble, f---ing anemic firefly of a soul."

Colbert also said during the appearance that if you're laughing, you're "not afraid."

"And if you're not afraid, you can think," he said, according to the newspaper. "We felt our way into this thing, and we have to think our way out of it."

Colbert is often critical of Trump on "The Late Show," railing on the president for his behavior.


On Tuesday night, Colbert ripped Trump's visit to Puerto Rico, calling his arrival the second "disaster" to hit the island in two weeks.