Puerto Rico governor wants 95 percent power restoration by Dec. 15

Puerto Rico governor wants 95 percent power restoration by Dec. 15
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Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rosselló said he wants to restore 95 percent of the island's power by Dec. 15.

"This is an aggressive agenda, but we cannot be sort of passive in the face of Puerto Rico's challenges," Rosselló said.

"We are going to need all hands on deck," he added.

By the end of October, he said he wants to have 30 percent of the power restored. By Nov. 15, his goal is to have 50 percent of the power restored and by Dec. 1, 80 percent.


"Our goal as government is to give Puerto Ricans access to electricity with speed and efficiency," he tweeted.

Much of the U.S. territory remains without power more than three weeks after Hurricane Maria devastated the island.

A report over the weekend said some residents of the island have turned to hazardous waste sites for drinking water. As of Monday morning, only 72 percent of the island had access to clean water.

The death toll from the disaster has reached 48, including the death of an individual who was not able to receive dialysis treatment due to a lack of power.

The Trump administration has faced backlash for its response to the devastation in Puerto Rico. Last week, Trump warned that his administration's response to the island can't last "forever."

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) later said it would continue to support the territory "every day throughout their response & recovery."