Biden: European leader compared Trump to Mussolini

Former Vice President Joe Biden said Tuesday that a European leader compared President Trump to Mussolini.

During an event Tuesday, Biden said a European prime minister once likened Trump to "Il Duce," or former Italian Prime Minister turned dictator Benito Mussolini, The Guardian reported.

The comparison reportedly came after Trump appeared to grab the arm of the Montenegro prime minister as he moved toward the front of a group of leaders during the NATO summit earlier this year, Biden said.

The former vice president said he had been contacted by 14 heads of state regarding the Trump administration.

"This breaking down of international and national norms is the glue that holds the liberal world order together, is the glue that holds together our system" Biden said during the event in Ohio with Republican Gov. John Kasich.

Biden also said during the event he doesn't want to see Trump administration officials quit.

"I don't want to see [the] chief of staff quit, I don't want to see the secretary of State quit, I don't want to see the secretary of Defense quit," he said.

The Trump campaign "didn't expect to win," Biden said, adding "they weren't prepared to govern."

"We have a president that doesn't understand governance," he said.

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