Bill Clinton slams tribalism, nationalism

Bill Clinton slams tribalism, nationalism
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Former President Clinton on Monday slammed what he called the increasing tribalism and noninclusive nationalism in the United States, calling on Americans to decide "who we really are."

In an op-ed published by The New York Times, Clinton did not mention President Trump or any of his specific policy objectives by name but slammed the rising tide of nationalism that promotes an “us” versus “them” mentality.

“All too often, tribalism based on race, religion, sexual identity and place of birth has replaced inclusive nationalism, in which you can be proud of your tribe and still embrace the larger American community,” Clinton said.


“And too often resentment conquers reason, anger blinds us to answers and sanctimony passes for authenticity,” he wrote.

Clinton touted the country’s recent achievements such as increasing incomes and growth in clean energy but argued for improvements in various challenges America faces, including within its education system and the health care industry.

The former president also slammed social media platforms, calling them “fever swamps of extremist foreign and domestic invaders,” and sounded the alarm for the news industry.

“When trust vanishes and knowledge is devalued as an establishment defense of the status quo, anything can happen,” Clinton said. 

“We already see citizens being disenfranchised by the millions, targeted by race, ethnicity and age not because they are ineligible to vote, but because they favor inclusive, not tribal, nationalism,” he wrote.