Merriam-Webster picks ‘feminism’ as word of the year

Merriam-Webster picks ‘feminism’ as word of the year
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Merriam-Webster picked feminism as its 2017 word of the year.

The dictionary's editors said the word was a "top lookup" throughout the year.

There were several instances during 2017 when lookups of the word spiked, including after the Women's March in January.


Lookups of the word increased again after White House adviser Kellyanne Conway said in February it is difficult to call herself a feminist in a "classic sense."

"Because it seems to be very anti-male, and it certainly is very pro-abortion, and I'm neither anti-male or pro-abortion," Conway said in February. "So, there's an individual feminism, if you will, that you make your own choices. ... I look at myself as a product of my choices, not a victim of my circumstances."

Lookups of the word have also been increasing recently as more women have come forward to allege sexual misconduct against public figures.

Several figures in the media and Hollywood in addition to political officials have in recent weeks faced accusations of sexual misconduct.

Other words that made Merriam-Webster's 2017 words of the year include "complicit" and "recuse." chose complicit as its word of the year this year.