GoFundMe campaign gives $275K to every Vegas shooting victim's family

GoFundMe campaign gives $275K to every Vegas shooting victim's family
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A GoFundMe campaign created for victims of last year’s Las Vegas shooting raised $31.5 million and announced this week that it will give $275,000 to the families of the 58 people killed during the attack, NBC reported

The Las Vegas Victims Fund, which grew into a nonprofit corporation, said that 10 other people who were paralyzed or now suffer received brain damage because of the shooting will also receive $275,000.

The fund shared a chart that lays out how the $31.5 million will be allocated to more than 500 victims of the shooting.

According to the chart, 147 victims who were hospitalized will split more than $10 million. Those who spent more time in the hospital will receive larger allocations. 


More than $2.5 million will also be divided among at most 317 people who were physically injured during the attack.

Beginning on Monday, the fund expects to pay 100 percent of the funds raised, a spokesperson for the fund said.

The fund reportedly received more than 90,000 donations. Southern Nevada tourism, gambling and entertainment companies donated 40 percent of the money, NBC reported.

To determine how to distribute the money, the fund relied on a committee of experts, donors and advocates. Victims and their families also got some input through two town hall meetings the committee held.