W.Va. lawmakers try to give teachers smaller raise, accidentally pass bill giving them full raise

The West Virginia state Senate on Saturday tried to vote to give teachers a smaller raise hike than negotiated, but accidentally voted on a bill giving teachers the requested raise. 

The chaos in the state legislature comes as teachers in the state have been on strike for seven days in demand of a raise. 

The state House and Republican Gov. Jim Justice had both approved a 5 percent raise. 

Republicans in the state Senate on Saturday thought they had voted unanimously on a bill that only offered a 4 percent raise, according to local reporters.

Shortly after, lawmakers realized they had mistakenly voted to approve the House's 5 percent raise bill. Republicans immediately began working to repeal the law and instead pass a 4 percent raise for teachers. 


Democrats reportedly opposed repealing the bill and cheered the accidental vote to approve a 5 percent raise. 

Friday was the seventh day of school closures in the state after teachers walked out last week to protest spiraling health insurance costs and wage stagnation.

Teachers say they will not go back to work until a 5 percent raise is approved by the House, Senate and signed by the governor. 

Updated at 9:16 p.m. 

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