Trump supporters and protesters clash outside Trump rally in Michigan

Trump supporters and protesters clash outside Trump rally in Michigan
© Screengrab/CNN

Protesters clashed with supporters of President TrumpDonald TrumpGuardian Angels founder Curtis Sliwa wins GOP primary in NYC mayor's race Garland dismisses broad review of politicization of DOJ under Trump Schumer vows next steps after 'ridiculous,' 'awful' GOP election bill filibuster MORE on Saturday outside of Trump's rally in Washington Township, Mich. 

According to CNN's Dianne Gallagher, police had to help split up the two groups of protesters ahead of Trump's rally. She said protesters had been "very much in each other's faces" with flags.

"The Trump supporters and those here to see the president are on this side," Gallagher said before pausing to apologize for people putting their middle fingers up in the background. "I apologize for some of the gestures being made on camera at this point. Part of the issue right now, Ana, is that they appear to be at capacity inside the president's event in there." 


"They had a little bit of this conflict here. But, again, you see the horses out here, the sheriffs' deputies that came through with ATVs, beeping the horn, busting through the crowd and telling the Trump supporters antagonizing the protesters to keep it moving [to an outdoor viewing area] or go home."

During the CNN broadcast, Trump protesters and Trump supporters could be seen lined up on separate sides yelling at each other.

Trump spoke to thousands at the rally on Saturday as reporters gathered in Washington, D.C., to attend the annual White House correspondents' dinner.

This marks the second year in a row the president has hosted a competing event during the annual Washington gala, which is also typically broadcast live and honors the press and news reporters who cover the White House.