DC council member introduces bill to ban plastic straws

DC council member introduces bill to ban plastic straws
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Washington, D.C., Councilman Jack Evans (D) on Tuesday introduced a bill that would ban plastic straws in the nation’s capital, according to local TV station WJLA.

The bill would reportedly ban retailers from providing plastic straws with drink sales.

This bill does not propose an outright ban on straws in D.C., but Evans said vendors should opt for a recyclable replacement, according to WJLA.


Washington is the latest U.S. city to consider prohibiting plastic straws, on account of reports showing that straws contribute to a considerable amount of plastic waste in oceans.

Seattle this year became the first major city to ban straws. On Monday, Starbucks announced it will eliminate plastic straws by 2020.

The United Kingdom in April announced it would become the first country to ban plastic straws and other single-use plastic products like cotton swabs.

However, the movement has drawn some criticism from disability-rights activists who say the bans could unintentionally discriminate against people who need plastic straws to consume beverages.