Group carves 'F--- Trump' in Russian into crop circle ahead of UK visit

An English marketing agency reportedly created a crop circle with an explicit message to President TrumpDonald TrumpNorth Korea conducts potential 6th missile test in a month Kemp leading Perdue in Georgia gubernatorial primary: poll US ranked 27th least corrupt country in the world MORE along his helicopter path during his visit to the United Kingdom this week.

The crop circle features the phrase “F--- Trump” in Russian, a knock on Trump’s friendly attitude toward Russian President Vladimir Putin, as well as the probe into possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.


The owner of the Moat Farm in Stoke Mandeville told the local newspaper, The Bucks Herald, on Tuesday that he was approached because of his land. 

The farm is situated along Trump’s helicopter route from London to Chequers, the newspaper reported.

"They were specifically looking for one in the flight path that Donald Trump will take when he comes to the UK this week,” the farm’s owner said.

Marketing agency The Tenth Man reportedly came forward on Thursday to take credit for the prank with the help of artists at Circlemakers. 

"We wanted to do something impactful that would get people talking ahead of Trump's arrival, and everyone loves a crop circle mystery," a spokesperson told the newspaper. 

The circle appeared on Sunday after 14 hours of labor and is more than 650 feet wide, according to The Bucks Herald.

"It's almost as big as Donald Trump's ego so we're pretty confident he'll see it," the Tenth Man spokesperson said. 

The farmer said he wasn’t motivated to allow the crop circle on his farm because of his political feelings about the American president.

He insisted that his thoughts on Trump are neutral.

"There was a financial transaction, I won't say how much but it was renumeration for the damaged crops, which won't be salvageable,” the owner said.

Nearly 90,000 people are planning to protest Trump’s visit to the U.K. for a working visit with Prime Minister Theresa May.

His schedule will keep him in more rural areas, including Chequers, to potentially avoid the large-scale protests planned in London.

Among the planned demonstration is a large "Trump baby" blimp, approved by London city officials to fly over the Parliament building.

The 2004 Green Day hit song “American Idiot” has also once again climbed to the top of the U.K.’s music charts ahead of Trump’s visit.