Tree of Life synagogue rabbi: 'Hate doesn't know a political party'

Tree of Life synagogue rabbi: 'Hate doesn't know a political party'
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The Tree of Life Synagogue's rabbi said Tuesday that hate knows no political party and is possible in all people.

"I spoke Monday evening ... I said to our elected leaders, 'You are our leaders, we turn to you. You are the models for our country,' " Rabbi Jeffrey Myers told CNN. " 'When you speak words of hate, when you speak ill of the other candidate, any words of hate, Americans listen to you. They get their instructions from you.' "

He added that hateful rhetoric sends a message to Americans that "this is OK, you can do it as well."


"So I turn to all of our elected leaders, because hate doesn't know a political party," he said. "Hate is not blue. Hate is not red. Hate is not purple. Hate is in all."

"I turn to them to say, 'Tone down the hate. Speak words of love. Speak words of decency and of respect. When that message comes loud and clear, Americans will hear that and we can begin to change the tenor of our country,' " he added.

A gunman stormed the Tree of Life on Saturday, reportedly screaming "all Jews must die." Eleven people were killed.

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Myers said Monday that the president is welcome to visit.

"I've received many emails that are not happy with those words," he said. "The thing that saddens me is that those emails also contain hate."