Widow of Utah mayor killed in Afghanistan: 'Our hearts are broken but our hearts are full'

The widow of the Utah mayor killed while serving in Afghanistan said early Wednesday that her family's hearts are broken but also full of pride ahead of their first Thanksgiving without her husband. 
"We always come back to how grateful we are," Jessica Taylor told host Alisyn Camerota on CNN's "New Day." "Thanksgiving is a day of gratitude. It's a day of reflection. Our hearts are full. Our hearts are broken but our hearts are full."
North Ogden Mayor Brent Taylor was killed earlier this month on duty in Afghanistan while serving as part of Utah's National Guard.
Jennie Taylor also highlighted her late husband's plea for people to vote just days before his death.
"He felt so passionately about democracy, about the engagement of the regular citizens, about our need to exercise our right to vote, exercise our right to have an opinion," she said.
When asked what she would be telling her kids about their father over the holiday, Jennie said that having pride in his service is essential.
"Brent wasn't forced, he wasn't obligated to even join the Army in the first place," she explained. "He was driven. Something within him, his connection to God, drove him to want to serve our country."