6-year-old interrupts Pope Francis at Vatican event

A 6-year-old interrupted Pope Francis's general audience by climbing on stage Wednesday.

After pulling on a guard's sleeve, the boy, identified by The Associated Press as Wenzel Wirth, ran around the stage to the pope's chair.

Shortly after, the boy's mother went to try and get her son back, explaining to the pope that he couldn't speak.

The mother retreated when the pope told her to "let him be, let him be."


Francis joked to Bishop Georg Ganswein that the boy "is Argentinian" and therefore "undisciplined," according to the wire service. The pope is also Argentinian.

Later, the pope discussed the situation with the audience, according to the report.

“This child cannot speak," he said.

"He is mute, but he can communicate. And he has something that made me think: He's free. Undiciplinedly free, but he's free. It made me think, 'Am I so free before God?' "