Ex-chief of staff mourns George H.W. Bush: ‘I will miss a great friend’

Ex-chief of staff mourns George H.W. Bush: ‘I will miss a great friend’
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Former White House chief of staff John Sununu mourned the death of his former boss, George H.W. Bush, early Saturday, writing that the former president's administration helped make "the world more stable and more prosperous than ever before."

“Although he would never be comfortable taking credit for the success of his life, most historians now agree that Bush was a great president who accomplished great things," Sununu wrote in an op-ed to The Washington Post. "He helped make America safer and the world more stable and more prosperous than ever before in history.”


Sununu, who served as White House chief of staff from 1989-1991, touted Bush’s foreign and domestic achievements while in the Oval Office. 

“Bush’s quiet, skillful and steadfast guidance was exactly the kind of leadership America needed as it stepped onto the stage as the world’s lone superpower,” he continued.

"His achievements brought forth a new era of global opportunity dramatically different from the one he and Reagan inherited in 1981," Sununu wrote. "But it was that quiet Bush style that helped make such a dramatic transformation possible."

Sununu noted that Bush signed more than a dozen pieces of domestic legislation into law during his single term, including the Clean Air Act, 1991 Civil Rights Act and the Americans With Disabilities Act. 

"As president, George H.W. Bush laid a solid foundation for his successors to build on. Whether we have the fortitude and discipline to eventually do so remains to be seen," he continued. "In any case, the world will miss a great president. And I will miss a great friend."

Bush's family announced the former president's death Friday in a statement released by his son, former President George W. Bush. No cause of death has been given. He was 94 years old.

Politicians on both sides of the aisle have praised the former president.