Kraft planning food giveaway for federal workers during shutdown

Kraft planning food giveaway for federal workers during shutdown
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Kraft is planning to give free food to federal workers in Washington, D.C., the company announced Tuesday.

The company will open a "grocery store pop-up" in downtown D.C. between Jan. 16 and 20th for workers affected by the government shutdown.

The “Kraft Now Pay Later” program will let workers take bags full of Kraft products home with them, according to the company. In return, Kraft is asking workers to "to pay it forward by donating to their charity of choice or someone in need once they are able to do so," if possible.


“During the government shutdown, parents should not have to worry about putting dinner on the table because they aren’t receiving a paycheck,” Sergio Eleuterio, head of marketing at Kraft, said.

“Kraft stands for families and we want to support the families who have built our brands. This store is one way we can help those affected get the grocery staples they need. And we celebrate all who are doing their part to help.”

The government has been partially shutdown since Dec. 22 over disagreements between Trump and congressional Democrats over the president's request for an additional $5 billion in funding for border security.

An estimated 800,000 federal workers are being affected by the shutdown. 

Many federal employees have turned to food banks for their produce as they continue without pay.

Several other food vendors are also offering free food for affected workers.

Celebrity chef José Andrés opened up a pop-up restaurant offering federal workers free sandwiches, soups and salads.

Banks have also stepped in to help workers by offering debt relief and help paying bills.