Mexican national offered FBI materials stolen from North Korean embassy in Spain: Report

Spanish officials said a group working for the “liberation of North Korea” offered the FBI stolen data from the North Korean embassy, according to the Associated Press.

National Court judge Jose de la Mata removed a secrecy order from the case Tuesday, revealing evidence of trespassing and burglary by an organization comprising of a Mexican, an American and a South Korean at the embassy in Madrid, the AP reported.


De la Mata said a gang of 10 people led by Mexican national Adrian Hong Chang escaped on Feb. 22 after stealing computers and documents from the embassy and shackling and gagging embassy staff.

The group said they were members of the Cheollima Civil Defense, an activist group claiming to assist defectors from North Korea. When So Yun Sok, the embassy’s business envoy, turned down their offer to defect, he was gagged, according to the AP.

While in Madrid, Hong Chang also applied for a new passport at the Mexican embassy and registered in the Uber app under the name “Oswaldo Trump.”

Hong Chang flew to the United States the next day and contacted the FBI, offering material and videos stolen during the raid to the agency. Spanish investigators did not specify the material’s content or whether the FBI accepted it, according to the AP. Most of the suspects are believed to be outside of Spain, according to the article.

The FBI did not immediately respond to a request for comment from The Hill.