Amazon developing wearable device that reads human emotions: report

Amazon developing wearable device that reads human emotions: report
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Amazon is reportedly working on a wearable device that would be able to read human emotions, according to Bloomberg.

The wrist-worn technology, classified as a “health and wellness” product, is designed to work with a smartphone app, similar to Fitbit or Apple Watch, according to documents reviewed by Bloomberg.


The gadget reportedly uses microphones paired with software to discern how the person wearing it is feeling based on the sound of their voice, Bloomberg reported. 

Over time, it may be able to help the wearer interact more effectively with others, the outlet reported.

A U.S. patent reportedly filed in 2017 describes a system in which voice software recognizes emotions including “joy, anger, sorrow, sadness, fear, disgust, boredom, stress, or other emotional states.”

The product is a collaboration between Amazon and Lab126, which has also played a part in Amazon's Fire phone, Echo speaker and Alexa voice software team, Bloomberg notes.

It’s unclear in which stage the project is and whether it will ever reach the commercial market, but Bloomberg notes that a testing program is underway.

Amazon declined to comment to Bloomberg.