Labour MPs expected to participate in anti-Trump protest

Labour MPs expected to participate in anti-Trump protest
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President TrumpDonald TrumpThe Memo: The Obamas unbound, on race Iran says onus is on US to rejoin nuclear deal on third anniversary of withdrawal Assaults on Roe v Wade increasing MORE's state visit to the U.K. is being rebuked by the left-leaning Labour Party, with members saying they plan to participate in a protest Tuesday. 

Protesters will gather at Trafalgar Square to show “opposition to Trump hate, and support for Jeremy Corbyn's vision of hope,” according to a Facebook event description.


Shadow Secretary of Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs Emily Thornberry said she'll be participating in the protest — using the announcement to brand Trump a "racist" and "sexual predator."

"A president who is destroying all the values that have always united Britain and America," Thornberry said. 

"This president does not deserve the honor of a state visit. He is not welcome," she said. 

Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott announced Monday she also plans to attend the demonstration. 


As many as 250,000 protestors are expected to march from Trafalgar Square to Downing Street, according to The Telegraph.

Trump's visit was similarly knocked by London Mayor Sadiq Khan who wrote an op-ed Saturday saying that the United Kingdom is on the "wrong side of history" with Trump's visit and said it will be looked back on with "profound regret."

Trump fired back in a tweet Monday that Khan is "a stone cold loser" who has "done a terrible job" as mayor. 

The Stop Trump Coalition reportedly plans to fly an inflatable orange baby created to look like the president over Parliament Square on Tuesday in protest. 

Khan reportedly OK'd the balloon request, and protestors are waiting on permission from the Metropolitan Police, according to The Times.