Firefighters contain early blaze at Philadelphia refinery

Firefighters contain early blaze at Philadelphia refinery
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A fire erupted early Friday in Philadelphia at the East Coast’s largest and oldest oil refinery.

The Philadelphia Fire Department said it responded to the fire shortly after 4 a.m., when a vat of butane at Philadelphia Energy Solutions set off an explosion and a massive blaze.


There were no reported injuries, the department wrote on Twitter.

One employee, who was working near the vat when it exploded, reported chest pains but didn’t need to go to the hospital, WPVI reports.

Some 120 members were dispatched to the site, the department said.

After dawn, Deputy Fire Commissioner Craig Murphy told reporters that ”the fire is not under control yet. Right now, companies are making sure that the fire does not spread," CNN reports.

Video posted to Twitter from later Friday morning showed the flames visibly lower than when the fire initially broke out.

After announcing a shelter-in-place order in certain areas surrounding the fire, officials lifted the request around 7 a.m.