Woman arrested after threatening to blow up Catholic school over same-sex marriages

Woman arrested after threatening to blow up Catholic school over same-sex marriages
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A California woman was indicted on federal charges for allegedly making voicemail threats to a Washington, D.C., private school in May, according to court documents filed Thursday. 

Sonia Tabizada is charged with one count of obstructing religious exercise by threat and another count of transmitting bomb threats in interstate commerce.

According to court documents, Tabizada was upset the Georgetown Visitation Preparatory School's alumni magazine was including information about same-sex marriages in its next issue.


The school’s president emeritus sent school alumni a letter announcing the decision, which was also published in The Washington Post the day Tabizada allegedly made the calls.

“The Church is clear in its teaching on same-sex marriages,” the letter, signed by Sister Mary Berchmans Hannan said. “But, it is equally clear in its teaching that we are all children of God, that we each have dignity and are worthy of respect and love.”

Tabizada allegedly called the private all-girls high school, telling administrators to “remove the f--king gay motherf--kers from your magazine or I'm going to f--king kill your kids.”

“That’s a promise,” she added. Prosecutors allege she left another voicemail one minute later. According to prosecutors, the call happened about 5 a.m May 13. 

The call transcript also includes specific threats to Berchmans, with Tabizada allegedly saying that she was “straight from hell, and is going to hell — she's seducing innocent eyes. She's not helping the cause of Jesus. She's accepting sinners — they have to be separate.”

It’s unclear from the court documents if Tabizada attended the prep school. 

Tabizada pleaded not guilty to the charges, according to NBC 4 Washington. The charges were originally filed in a federal court in California and transferred to a court in the District of Columbia. She will be in custody until a court hearing later this month.