Teachers sue Delta over plane's fuel dump near school playground

Following the Delta Air Lines Flight 89 emergency fuel dump on Tuesday that landed on an elementary school grounds, four teachers drenched by the airliner filed a lawsuit against the company on Friday.

The teachers say jet fuel rained down on them after it was ejected by the Boeing 777 that returned to the airport shortly after takeoff. 

According to the lawsuit, children and adults could "feel fuel on their clothes, flesh, eyes, and skin. 

"Fuel penetrated their mouths and noses as well, producing a lasting and severe irritation and a lasting and noxious taste and smell," the suit said. "As a result, they became "sick, dizzy, and nauseated."

The fire department treated a total of 60 students and adults at Park Avenue Elementary School in Cudahy, though no one was transported for urgent care. One educator sought medical help for recurring symptoms.

Delta Flight 89 was traveling from Los Angeles to Shanghai when it reported an engine malfunction and made the emergency fuel dump. The flight then returned safely to Los Angeles International Airport.

"We are in touch with Los Angeles World Airports and the LA County Fire Department and share concerns regarding reported minor injuries to adults and children at a school in the area," a Delta Air Lines senior coordinator on said on Tuesday.

The Federal Aviation Administration said Friday it expects its investigation to take several weeks.