Sheldon Adelson donating 2M masks to first responders: report

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Billionaire philanthropist and casino mogul Sheldon Adelson has obtained 2 million face masks to donate to hospitals across the U.S. to counter the shortage of the nation’s medical gear supply.

The masks, produced in China at Adelson’s expense, are en route to first responders and medical workers in hospitals in New York and Nevada, a source close to Adelson told Jewish Insider.

Adelson, a known GOP mega-donor, will provide 250,000 of the masks to the Trump administration to assist various public health workers.

The White House confirmed the first round of supplies arrived in New York City from China through a public-private partnership called Project Abridge.

Hospitals around the country have reported shortages of supplies and medical equipment needed to treat COVID-19.

President Trump and White House officials have faced criticism over reports that hospitals, doctors and nurses are forced to treat the highly contagious disease without essential medical gear.

Vice President Pence, who’s leading the White House task force against the coronavirus, said last week that there is a global mask shortage affecting the nation’s supply of masks used in treatment for the virus.

“We’ve literally identified significant resources — not just around the country, but around the world — of the masks that can be used by health care workers,” Pence said at the White House. 

Adelson is a longtime donor to the Republican Party, and previously gave millions of dollars to conservative groups to aid in Trump’s reelection as well as hundreds of thousands to legal funds for Trump associates.

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