NBA reportedly considering using Disney World as site to finish season

NBA reportedly considering using Disney World as site to finish season
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The NBA is considering hosting the remainder of its season at Disney World as it considers how to move forward amid the coronavirus outbreak.

The Athletic reported this week that Disney officials have been receptive to the idea of hosting the remainder of the season at the company's Orlando resort.

League officials are also considering other locations, including Las Vegas.


Last month, the NBA suspended the remainder of its season, which usually concludes in April, and indicated that games may not return until June with playoffs stretching to possibly August. At the time, the league asked teams and supporting organizations to consider plans for alternate venues for games in the hopes of avoiding the spectacle of games being performed in empty arenas due to the fear of coronavirus.

"For now, there's a working plan that games would return without fans, and teams have been told to search out arena dates well into August for the playoffs," league sources told ESPN in March. "Teams have been directed to give the league office potential dates at smaller nearby game venues, including team practice facilities, that could spare the use of empty, cavernous arenas and possibly provide backdrops to unique television viewing lines."

The NBA did not immediately return a request for comment.