German soccer league won't punish players protesting George Floyd death

German soccer league won't punish players protesting George Floyd death
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The German soccer federation, or DFB, said Wednesday it would not penalize players protesting against racism and the police killing of George Floyd.

Numerous players in Germany have issued messages and made gestures of support following Floyd's death in the custody of Minneapolis police, according to The Associated Press.

"The DFB has made a strong stand against any form of racism, discrimination or violence and stands for tolerance, openness and diversity, values which are also anchored in the DFB's statutes," federation President Fritz Keller said Wednesday. "Therefore the players' actions have our respect and our understanding."


The statement highlighted four players protesting during a game last week — Achraf Hakimi, Jadon Sancho, Weston McKennie and Marcus Thuram — and added that future protests are fair game.

FIFA backed Germany's approach for player protests in a statement Tuesday, saying that demonstrations "deserve an applause and not a punishment."

The Hungarian soccer federation, by contrast, reprimanded player Tokmac Nguen for displaying "Justice for George Floyd" written on his undershirt. The federation warned of "actual penalties" for future incidents, the AP reported.

Other players across Europe have called for justice after Floyd's death in Minneapolis police custody last week, including British player Jadon Sancho, who scored his first professional hat trick — three goals in one game — and used the milestone to display "Justice for George Floyd" on his shirt Sunday.