Two former LSU students accuse ex-NFL running back of rape when he was a freshman: report

Two former LSU students accuse ex-NFL running back of rape when he was a freshman: report
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Two former Louisiana State University (LSU) students have accused former NFL running back Derrius Guice of rape during his freshman year at the school, USA Today reported on Wednesday.

Guice was cut from the Washington Football Team earlier this month following his arrest in Virginia on unrelated domestic violence charges.

One of the two former LSU students gave an interview to USA Today in January, and later detailed her allegations in a lawsuit filed in June under the name "Jane Doe."


The woman, a former LSU tennis player, said that after Guice drove her home from a bar one night, he asked if he could come in. Guice had allegedly bought her shots of tequila at the bar beforehand and the tennis player said that she was "very drunk" and "way too drunk to give consent in the first place.”

When Guice entered her home, she alleges he forced her to have oral and vaginal sex with him. 

At the time, Jane Doe said her allegations were reported to LSU's Title IX office, but never investigated.

The former tennis player's assault is documented in a case that has been filed against the NCAA, claiming that the organization is responsible for assaults experienced by athletes, according to USA Today.  

The other woman said she was assaulted by Guice during a party that she hosted in her building. She alleges that she went to her room while she was drunk and passed out on her bed. The next morning, she woke up in a haze, but says that she had "trauma down there" and suspects it was Guice who had assaulted her because he had put his number in her phone the night before. 

Other football players at the party told the former student that Guice had mentioned he wanted to have sex with her earlier in the evening, according to the report. 

USA Today reports that the women had disclosed the alleged assaults at the time to other people at the university, including at least two coaches, an athletics administrator and a nurse. However, the allegations did not appear to be investigated by the school at the time, according to the outlet. 

The second woman said that LSU emailed her after a friend had disclosed her allegation to the university and offered support services. The school also asked if she wanted to file a formal complaint, according to the newspaper, though she did not do so. 

Neither of the allegations were reported to law enforcement. 

Guice denied the claims when questioned by USA Today. 

"At no time were allegations of physical or sexual assault brought against Derrius during his years as a student athlete at LSU," attorney Peter D. Greenspun said in a statement.

"To bring up such assertions only after the Virginia charges were initiated certainly calls into question the credibility, nature and timing of what is being alleged years later," he said.

Guice was the star running back for LSU during his freshman season, and was later recruited to play in the NFL. 

In a statement regarding the allegations, LSU said the university takes sexual assault cases very seriously. 

“LSU and LSU Athletics take all accusations of sexual assault with the utmost seriousness. Formal complaints are promptly and fully investigated and the rights and privacy of students are protected as stipulated by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act. Complainants are also strongly encouraged to report the offense to law enforcement and are provided information on health care, counseling and supportive measures available,” the university told USA Today.