Falwell swipes at media: 'You got nothing'

Former Liberty University president Jerry Falwell Jr. took a swipe at members of the media this week following news that the school would launch an independent investigation into his nearly 13-year tenure.

"I welcome [the investigation] because it will prove that all you guys are liars," Falwell told Reuters this week, referring to the press, according to a story published Friday. "You got nothing," he reportedly added.

Liberty University announced Monday it was launching an investigation into the former school president's tenure after he resigned last month following allegations about a years-long affair involving him and his wife.


Falwell has denied involvement in the relationship after a former business partner came forward with the claims. The former university head has said only his wife took part in the affair.

Prior to his resignation, Falwell was placed on indefinite leave for posting a photo of himself on a yacht with his arm around a young woman with their pants unzipped.

The longtime university president and vocal Trump supporter told Reuters that he's looking forward to the university's investigation, which will include examinations of financial, real estate and legal matters.

He also reportedly warned the outlet not to question his two adult sons, both of whom are still employed by the university.

The wire service has published a series of stories about Falwell and the school in recent months.

“Trust me, you do not want to mess with me, OK?” Falwell said on the call this week, according to the outlet. 


The evangelical university’s school board said in a release that it has hired an outside firm to investigate “all facets of Liberty University operations” under the former president. It said it wants to learn “the consequences that have flowed from a lack of spiritual stewardship.”

Some of Falwell's reported questionable conduct includes the transfer of a multi-acre Liberty facility to his personal trainer and the hiring of a friend’s construction company to manage a multi-million dollar campus expansion project, Reuters reported.

Justine Coleman contributed.