Liberty University tells staff members to distance themselves from Falwell

Liberty University staff members are being instructed to refrain from interacting with the school's ousted president Jerry Falwell Jr., according to David Corry, the school's general counsel.

Corry told staff in an email Thursday that Falwell made "uncomfortable" calls to some employees after his resignation from the university last week, The News & Advance reported Friday.

He said that any continuing discussions between Falwell and university staff could give the impression that he is still managing the school.


"This impression is not well received by our supporters who do not want Mr. Falwell to be running Liberty University behind the scenes," Corry wrote in the email.

Falwell reportedly did not return a request for comment from News Advance.

Falwell, whose father founded the school, renounced his position last week following a recently revealed scandal alleging that his wife, Becki Falwell, had a years-long affair with a former business partner.

Corry said he sent the email out to university staff on behalf of the school's acting president Jerry Prevo.

Prevo was a longtime board member who took on the role of standing president and the only Liberty official authorized to communicate with Falwell about university procedures and business.

"If you are uncomfortable taking a call or engaging in other types of communication with Mr. Falwell, you are free to decline to do so, and you are also free to refer them to Jerry Prevo," Corry wrote.

The Hill reached out to a university spokesperson for comment but did not immediately receive a reply.