102-year-old woman beats COVID-19 twice

102-year-old woman beats COVID-19 twice
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A 102-year-old woman living in New York has contracted the coronavirus — and beaten it — twice.

Angelina Friedman, who survived the 1918 Spanish Flu and cancer, first tested positive for COVID-19 in March. During her first bout with the disease she had a relatively mild experience.

"She was never really symptomatic the first time around," her daughter Joanne Merola told NBC. "The worst symptom she had was a fever that lasted maybe 10 days."


Upon contracting the virus a second time in October, shortly before her birthday, she got seriously ill.

"She had a cough, she was lethargic, she had a fever again," Merola said of her mother's second diagnosis. "The first time you wouldn't know she was sick."

The centenarian is now nearly deaf and has lost most of her vision, but is recovering well and feeling like her old self again, Merola said.

"My mom has been through so much in her life," Merola said of her mother's experience. "You just can't give up. You have to fight. My mother's got the will to stay alive as I've never seen before."