American Airlines regional carrier 'temporarily grounded' over 200 flights after inspection issue

American Airlines regional carrier 'temporarily grounded' over 200 flights after inspection issue
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One of American Airlines's largest operators of regional flights was "temporarily grounded" on Thursday by the Federal Aviation Administration following reports of an inspection issue with most of its aircraft.

PSA Airlines made the announcement on Twitter, saying that most of its aircraft have been removed from service.


Nearly 230 American Airlines flights that are operated by PSA Airlines have been canceled in connection to the pending inspections and the airline has been forced to rebook passengers. Ninety domestic airports in hubs including Reagan National Airport just outside of Washington, D.C., and Charlotte Douglas International Airport in North Carolina regularly have flights operated by PSA, according to CNN.

In an email to employees, PSA Airlines shared that the issues with its fleet of Bombardier CRJ aircraft could interfere with the American Airlines flight schedule for "an unknown period of time," CNN reported.

American Airlines has said that it is exercising "an abundance of caution" by removing nearly 130 of PSA's aircraft from service until the standard inspection can be conducted on the nose landing-gear doors. The airlines also assured passengers that it is working quickly to accommodate them.

The number of airline travelers recently hit a six-month low as a result of the toll that the coronavirus pandemic is taking on the industry, CNN reported.

United Airlines CEO Scott Kirby recently announced that he wants to make it mandatory for workers to take the coronavirus vaccine as an added safety precaution for both employees and customers.