NFL details what kinds of celebrations players can have after Super Bowl amid COVID

NFL details what kinds of celebrations players can have after Super Bowl amid COVID
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The National Football League (NFL) and the players’ union sent a memo Saturday to the Kansas City Chiefs and Tampa Bay Buccaneers detailing best practices for Super Bowl celebrations amid the COVID-19 pandemic, The Associated Press reports.

The document was sent a day before the two teams face off against one another in the NFL's annual championship game, held this year in Tampa, Fla.

"While we understand that this achievement is worthy of celebration, the (NFL) Management Council and NFLPA would like to pass along important guidance regarding postgame celebrations attended by players, coaches and staff from our participating teams," the memo stated, according to the wire service.


Among the stipulations are that club facilities, including hotels used for game travel, may not be used for celebrations. Players must adhere to the state's gathering limits, which state that people must avoid gathering in groups larger than 10.

All attendees to a celebration must have received a negative COVID-19 test within the 48 hours prior to the gathering, the AP reports.

Additional guidelines state that any celebration event has to be outdoors in an area that allows for social distancing, and attendees should remain masked at all times.

Frequent sanitization of the space of the space is required, and signs detailing COVID-19 safety measures need to be displayed.

Restrictions will remain in place for seven days following the Super Bowl, and any gatherings or celebrations associated with the event must follow certain coronavirus safety guidelines.

Tampa Mayor Jane Castor (D) issued a mandatory outdoor mask requirement for the city ahead of the championship game, which requires the use of face protection in any of the areas anticipated to be hotspots, including the city's "Entertainment District" and in the "Event Zone." These areas surrounding the Raymond James Stadium, where the Super Bowl will take place.

Prior to the order, the city only required masks in indoor settings.