Arizona man accused of faking his own kidnapping to get out of work

An Arizona man has been accused of faking his own kidnapping this month in an attempt to get out of work, The New York Times reported on Tuesday.

Brandon Soules, 19, was arrested on a charge of false reporting to law enforcement last week, according to Coolidge, Ariz. police. In a statement, authorities said that they believed the incident was part of Soules’s effort to be excused from his job, where he installed tires, the Times reported.

Soules allegedly admitted that the kidnapping story was made up during an interview with detectives at the Coolidge Police Department. He was then booked and later released with a scheduled court date.

Police officers responded around 5:25 p.m. local time on Feb. 10 to a call reporting that a man had been injured near train tracks in Coolidge, which is outside of Phoenix. According to police, the person who called also stated that the man was going in and out of consciousness.

Officers reportedly found Soules lying on the ground with his hands cuffed behind his back and a purple bandanna stuffed in his mouth. He said that he was kidnapped by two masked men who then struck him unconscious and “drove him around in a vehicle before they left him in the area where he was found,” police told the Times.

Though Soules was taken to the hospital after he was discovered by police, his medical records showed that he did not have a concussion or head injuries. Soules also reported that he was kidnapped because his father had large amounts of money hidden in the desert.

After days of working on Soules’s, including investigating phone records and reviewing surveillance footage, case detectives concluded that “his story was fabricated and no kidnapping or assault occurred,” the police said, according to the Times. The detectives also stated that no money was hidden.

Soules is reportedly no longer employed at the tire shop.

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