Passengers sue United Airlines over engine explosion

Two passengers aboard a United Airlines plane that had to make an emergency landing in February after an engine malfunction are suing the airline, NBC News reports.

The lawsuit, filed Friday, claims the incident left the passengers with personal, emotional and financial injuries.

Joseph McGinley of Honolulu, Hawaii, and Jonathan Strawn of Sioux City, Iowa, were on the flight headed to Honolulu from Denver when one of the plane's engines blew apart. Passengers noted hearing an explosion and seeing a flash of light during the incident.


Both McGinley and Strawn are seeking a judgment above a $50,000 limit, NBC reports.

Following the incident, the Federal Aviation Administration ordered a review of all planes that contained the type of engine that malfunctioned on the Boeing 777.

The incident occurred shortly after another United Airlines flight had an engine with a mechanical error. A flight bound for Los Angeles returned to Newark Liberty International Airport shortly after takeoff in January after the engine caught fire.

United Airlines declined to comment to The Hill.